Mako Eyewear is the leading sunglass manufacturer in Australia. Becoming sponsored isn’t just about going fishing. You must be able to represent the brand and its core values. That means no abuse online, providing quality feedback and content for promotion of Mako Eyewear and its products. You must be free to be active on any social media platform promoting Mako Eyewear on any page you are associated with or own yourself.

The Sponsorship we offer is product only.

If you are interested in applying, please fill in all the sections below.

    What types of fishing do you do? Please ticket boxes:

    Do you fish competitively?

    Have you placed at any events or tournaments?

    Do you have other exclusive sponsorships for the below categories?

    Are you available for promotional activities?

    Will you be able to supply usable HD digital photos
    or videos featuring Mako Eyewear? *

    Which forms of social media do you use?

    Do you own a boat?

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